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Viewpoint: A Prediction for “Hot” Superconductivity

A proposed hydrogen-rich solid would superconduct above the boiling point of water—though the material would need to be subjected to a colossal pressure. Read More »

Quantum Physics

Focus: X-Ray Imaging Goes Quantum

The first demonstration of a source of quantum correlated x-ray photons shows that such photons can enhance x-ray imaging. Read More »

Materials Science

Viewpoint: A Ferroelastic Film at the Edge of Chaos

Period doubling—a behavior seen in systems that are nearing a chaotic regime—shows up in the microstructure of a strain-textured material. Read More »

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Synopsis: A Heat Engine Made of a Single Ion Spin

By converting electron spin into ion motion, researchers build a simple heat engine out of a single calcium ion. Read More »

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Quantum Physics

Synopsis: Quantum Interference Across an Astronomical Distance

Researchers witness quantum interference and entanglement between photons from sources 150 million km apart—the Sun and a quantum dot in their lab. Read More »

Topological Insulators

Synopsis: Toward Topological Protection with Qubits

A chain of superconducting qubits reproduces two key features of topological insulators. Read More »

Condensed Matter Physics

Viewpoint: Questioning a Universal Law for Electron Attenuation

A law describing electron attenuation in solids has long helped researchers determine the size of nanoscale objects, but experiments show that it is less general than previously thought. Read More »

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Focus: Friction, Not Inertia, Controls Avalanches

By tuning the friction between tiny beads suspended in water, researchers gain new understanding of how avalanches begin. Read More »

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Quantum Information

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The first experiment to teleport qutrits rather than qubits paves the way to teleporting the complete quantum state of a particle. Read More »

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